Celebrities and Dog Love

Celebrities love their dogs just as much as the rest of us, and there are some fun stories of celebrity dog love.

Check out these great stories about celebrities and their dogs!

Drew Barrymore has been known for her love of animals for a long time now, but did you know that she scattered her dog’s ashes in India?
When Drew was married to Tom Green, their dog Flossie woke the couple during a blaze that burned their house down in Beverly hills. Beloved Flossie ultimately saved their lives.

When the couple divorced in 2001, both sides fought to keep Flossie. Barrymore got custody. At age 16, Flossie died, leaving Drew distraught over her pet. She flew to India to scatter some of the dog’s ashes throughout the country at places like Gandhi’s house in New Delhi, a path in the country by the Ganges River and a Buddhist Monastery in the Himalayas. “Flossie was my first girl,” Barrymore wrote in her memoir. “And the love I felt for her is one of the best gifts I have ever known.” Barrymore is still known for her love of pets and has dogs in her home.

Ryan Reynolds Falls in Love with Baxter

Ryan Reynolds fell in love with his furry dog-friend ‘Baxter’, when he was looking for a dog for his friend, and they’ve been friends ever since they laid their eyes on each other. How can you not like a guy who spontaneously rescues a dog?!


Celebrities and Dog Tattoos

Jennifer Aniston Has Sole

When the press and people spotted a Tattoo on Jennifer’s in-step, they wondered if it was a man in her life or ?? In fact, it is a heart-felt tribute to her furry friend.

The actress was distraught when the Welsh corgi-terrier cross died and wanted a forever reminder of his life. So, she had Norman’s name tattooed on the inside of her right foot, in honor of their many years together.

And Jennifer isn’t the only one!

A Favorite Rock n’ Roller, Pink is also known for her love of dogs.

"Sir Corky Moore 89-03" is tattooed on her arm in honor of her pup who died in 2003.

A favorite bulldog, “Elvis”, given to Pink by her friend, Lisa-Marie Presley, tragically drowned in Pink’s pool. She has a portrait of Elvis on her arm, alongside a Bible verse.
There are many more stars with tattoo’s paying tribute to pets.

 Celebrities and Pet-Love is not a New Thing

Audrey Hepburn had a reputation for caring for and loving all animals, but her Yorkshire Terriers were first in her heart! Her first Yorkie, Mr. Famous, was tragically hit by a car on Wilshire Boulevard, but Audrey loved and owned these dogs into her (and their) old age!