Our Various Terms / Policies & Conditions

You will find all of these terms in their proper long-form at CHECKOUT. However, we wanted to give you an abbreviated version here. We like open honesty! 

1)  We personally source and curate these products. We love pets, one of us runs a professional grooming company. We care about this.

2) Shipping takes 14-21 days. This is the approximate MAXIMUM time that it should take. On very rare occasions allow up to 30 days (we do not think this will happen - our experience is 10 days, we are giving a maximum allowance here). 

3) Our return policy is store credit only, we do not pay return postage on returned items. When you reach out to us to return something, you will get a real person - probably ME, answering your email and doing everything I / we can to make you happy.

4) We do a fairly regular (around monthly), not too long, newsletter featuring a cool article on Dog Care and an informative article on something a Charity is doing. We will have some information on products in this newsletter, we hope you want to receive this in your email inbox.

5) We super-value your privacy. We will not share your information freely AT ALL. We will only share it with any authority, including legal authorities, if they provide us with legal proof that they have a right to obtain this information. Your information will have to be pried out of our hands!! 

(This is not the legal-eze, you will find that at the Check out!)